Pellenc ST is a partner of Veolia and LERM for CDW Recycling / Life +

logo_life_high_resolution_2With its expertise in the optical sorting of waste, Pellenc ST has initiated this project with Veolia and LERM. The CDW Recycling project is co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE + program.


The project aims to use innovative technologies to solve problems that currently limit the recycling and reuse of building materials and demolition. A pilot plant will be integrated into the sorting of construction waste at Veolia Nice to sort materials 8-30 mm and 30-80 mm on an industrial scale.

To do this, Pellenc ST will integrate its Mistral High Resolution optical sorting Machine with NIR technology to sort small fractions. Additional tests on the site will help refine validation settings and process specifications.

CDW_logoThe new process should demonstrate that it is possible to recover large number of construction and demolition waste, with less impact on the environment compared to traditional management of this type of waste through the production of a fraction CSR (Combustible Solid Waste) and produce a fraction of plaster which can be recovered.

To know more, please see  the website dedicated to the project CDW Recycling

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