Regarding the data protection in accordance with the European regulation (also called “RGPD” General Regulation for the Data Protection), Pellenc ST places great value on the full protection of your personal data.

We want to protect your privacy and we commit to keep confidential and safe all your personal data. Also, we are concerned about your protection of data already existing, so we are reinforcing the security of the data that we collect, process and classify.

PELLENC ST is engaged to only collect personal information used for recruitment and management of its employees. You agree to communicate personal information to PELLENC ST about yourself, with your own consent. However, you must know that authorized authorities (as FISC administration) shall have access to such personal data. Then, we count on you to keep all your data up to date.

Only the entitled persons from the company can use personal data regarding yourself or your relatives, as long as this information has been given to our services (i.e.: emergency contacts). We remind you that PELLENC ST has no access to data processed by the company’s private medical insurance.

Any personal data is only retained and processed by the relevant services. Their use is legally and strictly limited in time in order to accomplish the given goals fixed during their collection.

You have a right of access, correction, opposition, deletion on the collected personal data concerning you; you although have a right to privacy data portability and to limit the data processing of specific part of your information.

You can write to the following e-mail address to apply your rights:

Otherwise, you can also write to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) by mail : 125 rue François 84124 PERTUIS CEDEX.

In order to give you the best security level according to the nature of the personal data, PELLENC ST commits to follow a strict process of management of this data.

Since we want to reach the highest degree of security and confidentiality of your data, we remind you that every employee can only access to the data useful to perform its tasks and missions. Besides, the elementary rules as the ones written into the Computer Chart from the Rules of Procedure of the company must be strictly applied (i.e : confidentiality of your passwords; unlogging your computer when you leave your office; prohibition to change the configuration of your computer equipment;…). We remind you that if your personal information is kept into your own company equipment, PELLENC ST will not be responsible of its security and confidentiality.

Last but not least, and to continue the overall approach carried by our society, every employee must be responsible of all the personal data given and used inside the company and in particular for management and recruitment purposes.


Written in Pertuis, July the 1st of 2018