Plastic recycling markets are more and more demanding on the quality of sorted materials. The latest European regulations (Waste Package) and the closure of China to imports reinforce the need for better sorting and recycling of plastics. As the composition of streams evolves constantly, new sorting issues have emerged with complex materials to identify such as PET trays, opaque PET or multi layers for example. In this context Pellenc ST offers a complete range of machines which guarantees the purity throughout the process and meets the needs of the most demanding recyclers.


  • Sort bottles and other PET packaging
  • Sort  PET flakes
  • Material, color and smart sorting
  • Advanced detection of main contaminants (PVC, 
    metals, PET trays, opaque PET, multilayers, labels,

  • High  capacity  PE films sorting (Top Speed option)
  • Material and color sorting
  • Remove multi layer films
  • Remove aluminized and bioplastic films

  • Purify a PE stream
  • Purify a PP stream
  • Purify a PS stream
  • Sort technical plastics