Reliable customer support is a priority for Pellenc ST

Our Value Proposition

IMG_9497Pellenc ST’s service and customer support begin from the first moments of contact with a potential client.  Our sales teams listen carefully to your project needs and begin the process of working with you to deliver the best solution possible.  Pellenc ST offers a full Value Proposition from the start of the project that continues for the life of the machine.
baumasPellenc ST offers Technical Guidance with our project managers, engineers, and designers who work alongside you to maximize use of your machines and to get the most value out of your materials.


DSC_0046We are dedicated to excellence in Product Development & Manufacturing.  Every product is built from hand on our factory floor starting with just its frame.  Pellenc ST sorting  technologies are also developed in house and integrated into every product on our production line.  It’s a proven process built with quality and care with over 1000 machines worldwide.


Service and Support

DSC_0117Pellenc ST’s proposition ensures reliable Implementation and Service with a global service team of 30 individuals and technicians worldwide with local spare parts to provide you with the fastest support possible and keep you operating.


Tel: +33 4 90 09 47 94







Full testing and demonstration room


DCIM110GOPROGOPR0841.JPGPellenc ST offers a testing and demonstration room for clients to test and review the performances of the Pellenc ST machines with their waste samples.
All tests are performed on a Mistral+ machine. Output box and conveyor are supplied by the NetCo Company.
Clients can be assured that the right sorting product will be chosen for their waste streams and can see for themselves a live demonstration that simulates their sorting conditions.



Global service and sales presence

Brochure_corporate_8pages_EN1000 machines in over 40 countries                      



In Europe (headquarters) there are local sales and service technicians based in France, UK, Spain, Italy, and Poland.
In North America Pellenc ST has its office just outside of Charlotte, NC.    In addition to itslogo nsc_blue local sales and service team with spare parts, there is a partnership with NSC  which helps with service in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
In Brazil Pellenc ST has a partnership with Tebroeck for local service.logoTfixed


Pellenc ST ASIA is based in Tokyo, Japan with a local sales and service staff along with spare parts.   A partnership with ACI helps to bring customer service to all its Asian clients including China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.ACI CHEM Logo