Pellenc ST proud member of the European LIFE Plasmix consortium to support PP & PS fraction recycling

The Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE) is the financial instrument of the European Union dedicated to protecting, conserve and enhance the Union’s natural capital. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed more than 4.500 projects. A total of 823 projects have been financed in Spain.

In this European project context, Pellenc ST alongside FCC Medio Ambiente, supports the recycling of PP & PS from undifferentiated collection.


The European LIFE PLASMIX project main objective is to demonstrate how to recover and recycle the PLASTIC MIX waste contained in MSW, avoiding its incineration and landfill.

Increase Recovery Rates

To demonstrate that it is possible achieving 90% recovery rate of the PLASTIC MIX contained in MSW

Increase sorting quality

To increase the quality of recycled final materials, reaching levels of food packaging production. 

Reduce waste

To reduce by 5.600 tons/year plastic waste landfilled & incinerated by recovering & recycling PLASTIC MIX, in particular PP, PS & EPS


As a consortium member amongst FCC, Lindner, Stadler, Andaltec, Anaip and the University of Granada, Pellenc ST equipped the Ecocentral treatment plant located in Alhendín (South-east of Spain) of 3 high-performance Mistral+ optical sorting machines.
This plant operated by FCC Medio Ambiente is the first pre-industrial demonstration pilot that will produce 3.769 ton/year of recycled material LIFEPLASMIX.

Pellenc ST high technology sorting equipment allows to separate efficiently PP, PS & EPS into high quality fractions to be used in new products, including food packaging.

The waste deposits of these materials that are currently neither recovered nor recycled will thus be reduced by 90%.

” We really appreciate working with PELLENC ST team and the Mistral+ sorting machines. They have shown great involvement and responsiveness at all stages of this project.

Their field service engineers are highly qualified and dedicated to continuous improvement of the output stream efficiency and purity to reach this new market standard.”

Lead Project Manager, FCC Medio Ambiente.





Through close relationship with our customers Pellenc ST is continually developing new sorting applications to meet the changing markets demands. 

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