Pellenc ST fibre sorting line solution

Better fibre sorting in response to new quality requirements

Pellenc ST has responded with force to the growing restrictions imposed on countries around the world for paper quality. Recent advancements at Pellenc ST have given it a superior performance over all other optical sorting companies when it comes to purifying paper streams. The result is that the new Mistral+ machine with Top Speed and Turbosorter achieves what no others can and guarantees the highest level of purity on the market today.

The reasons for the success of paper line process offered by Pellenc ST is the result of a combination between a high-performance machine and dedicated options for light products sorting.

The new Mistral+ machine is now recognized for being more robust and smarter than other technologies on the market today. Maintenance is easier with no down-time, and real-time statistical and maintenance analysis are available to maximize site operational performances. To go further in its approach and meet as close as possible to customers needs, Pellenc ST designed specific equipment for paper sorting. For instance, a sorting configuration is available to remove cardboards from a de-inking or a mixed paper stream. But the main benefits are the two dedicated options for paper sorting: Turbosorter + Top Speed. The Turbosorter is a patented equipment that keeps 2D fraction stable while the Top Speed enables to increase the conveyor belt speed from 3 to 4.5 meters per second. Combined together with the Mistral+, this solution makes possible higher throughput capacity while maintaining the same level of sorting performance.

In addition to our worldwide references on paper lines, we invite you to test out our Mistral+ on your own fibres stream. Testing and full video reports are available for you to verify yourself the difference Pellenc ST can make.

Pellenc ST’s Mistral+ solution for paper lines guarantees your paper streams make the quality grade required by the most demanding markets.

The superiority of our fibre sorting technology has convinced key accounts like Biffa in England or Recology in California (among many others) to select the Mistral+ for their new fiber sorting lines.