Test & Training Center

Pellenc ST - bandeau - centre de tests

Pellenc ST invested 1 million euro in a new industrial demonstration room with the latest waste sorting  technologies. The Ademe Agency and the Provence Region  have supported a part of this project with their program called Filidechet.

The purpose was to create a sorting technology  state of the art display.

Every week, we receive several customers to test their stream in real conditions, Moreover, the recirculation loop can simulate several machines in series as in real plants. 

The Test and Training Center is also available for EPR and recycling associations  to study different sorting alternatives on ever more complex materials.

This new area is used to train technical teams and customers and make them more autonomous. At the end of each test, analysis reports and video will be supplied. 

6 months of building works have been necessary to obtain an extension  of 1 000 m2. Our Storage and warehouse areas have been extended and The new Test & Training Center has been extended to 350 m².

Finally, Pellenc ST wanted  to build a sustainable structure and respectful of the environment, so photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof to reduce our energy consumption.