Metals Recycling

Metals recovery and technical plastics

In recent years, recyclers in the industry have focused their investments on sorting technologies to maximise recovery rates and achieve greater purity of secondary materials.

The main applications

Pellenc ST - WEEE sorting


  • Sorting of wires (insulated copper wires [ICW], etc.)
  • and technical plastics
  • Removal of BFR (brominated flame retardant) plastics
  • Purification of a metals/plastics stream
Pellenc ST - ASR sorting


  • Recovery of non-ferrous metals from a mixed stream(zorba, twitch, zebra, etc.)
  • Purification of metal stream
  • Sorting of aluminium alloys
  • Recovery and sorting of black plastics
Pellenc ST - aluminium recycling


  • Purify an aluminium stream
  • Sorting of aluminium alloys

Our customer testimonials

Pellenc ST - temoignages - kawashima
Sanko Hamamatsu and Saitama: aluminium recycling in Japan
Sanko is a company specialised in the recycling of non-ferrous metals. At its plants in Hamamatsu and Saitama, Sanko chose Pellenc ST’s X-ray machines to sort non-ferrous metals in two stages. The machines first sort a Zorba stream to create an aluminium fraction and then re-sort it to obtain a secondary aluminium stream pure enough to move on to the melting stage.
Pellenc ST - temoignages - suez
Suez Norval, Berville-sur-Seine: WEEE recovery in France
Norval is a company that recycles WEEE and non-ferrous waste. To help it meet its recovery targets, Pellenc ST installed 3 sorting machines to recover printed circuit boards (PCB), technical plastics, and remove flame-retardant contaminants from them.

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