Pellenc ST

Test and Training Centre

850 sqm dedicated to sorting tests for waste, plastics, metal segments

Pellenc ST provides its customers and partners with an industrial demonstrator equipped with the latest intelligent sorting equipment to study the best sorting strategies and recover their waste stream.

The test centre in Pertuis is divided into 3 separate areas with 3 machines:  


These technologies enable packaging sorting, plastics recycling and also metals, WEE and plastics from ELVs sorting.

Equipped with a recirculation loop, these sorting lines can simulate several sorting sequences in field conditions.

Use our Test & Application Centre to validate new sorting strategies. Our extert engineers will demonstarte how our new technologies can improve your production processes without interrupting your operations. 

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Our customers and partners training sessions are performed by Pellenc ST technicians. With years of experience, they like to share their knowledge and know-how to provide the keys of an optimal use of optical sorters.

Discover our customized training courses:


  • Available to all our customers and partners
  • Available for all machines generations
  • In the customer’s language
  • According to defined and personalized programs

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Design For Recycling Service

Expertise and Technology Sharing by Pellenc ST Helps Redesign Recycling

Facing the ecological crisis, our challenges are the dependency on fossil fuels, the elimination of waste from our environment, and the preservation of natural resources thanks to recycling.


For 20 years, Pellenc ST’s industrial sorting solutions have been promoting the emergence of a competitive and sustainable circular economy.

Some Present Challenges

  • To maximize the capture rate and purity of the targeted recyclable materials    
  • To remove the non-recyclable ones to avoid contamination of the recoverable waste streams.
  • To recover small elements (less than 80mm)
The following list is a non-exhaustive summary of recent major topics
  • Detectable blacks
  • Multi-layer packaging 
  • Metallized  Packaging
  • Labels and sleeves
  • Biodegradable plastics
Detectable blacks
Multi-layer packaging
Biodegradable plastics
Detection test

We check whether the standard machine settings used in sorting or recycling plants allow us to detect and send the product to the targeted outlet.

Standard sorting test

This test follows a standard protocol such as COTREP[1] (FR) or APR[2] (US)

Optimized sorting test

Samples are mixed with a representative household waste stream to test their sorting in real conditions. The protocol and/or settings can be adjusted according to the applicant needs.

Design for Recycling support

Discussions on the test report, packaging design adjustments, and/or training about good practices.


[1] COTREP : Center of resources and expertise on household plastic packaging recyclability (FR). COTREP has been supporting packaging designers for 20 years in the development of recyclable solutions.

[2] APR : Association of Plastic Recyclers (USA)

In all cases, a customized report is provided.

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