Mistral+ CONNECT

The multi-material sorting machine for sorting and recycling centers

The design of this new machine is the result of the experience of our teams, customers, and partners, based on the 2,500 Mistral machines installed throughout the world over the last 20 years.

This completely revised range is characterized by its great flexibility and answers all the needs of sorting centers and regeneration units.

Key points

FLOW detection

  • New multi-stream spectrometer
  • Focused light for a more accurate signal
  • Complete coverage of NIR/VIS spectra with a unique spectrometer
  • Optimised Electronic for a better signal/noise ratio

4.0 Industry & Services

  • Sensors to enhance customer relationship (service included)
  • Peripheral performance analysis and monitoring
  • Alert to prevent outputbox jams
  • Stream composition and distribution monitoring

Future Proof

  • Upgradability guarantee
  • Compatibility of all new sensors (AI, Watermarking, IoT,..) as upgrades
  • Availability of upgrades to keep the machine up to date