Detection of
black & Inert objects

Profile Detection
« the sensor dedicated to the detection of black and inert objects  »

While NIR technology does not allow the detection of carbon black, Profile Detection offers sorting plants and regenerators the possibility of purifying their recoverable fractions by ejecting black plastics and paper, glass, or inert materials.

The option is available as a retrofit for all Mistral+ machines and can be easily integrated without changing the machine headroom. Using the same light source, this 2D sensor (using geometric algorithms) does not require the addition of laser technology.

Profile Detection is easily integrated and improves the quality of negative sorting fractions (reduced air consumption). It can also be used to concentrate a fraction (black plastics, black paper, etc.) in positive sorting. 

The gain points

Simple-Profile-vignette copie


Same machine headroom
Uses the existing light source
No additional maintenance


Laser-free technology
No additional cowling



Combine multiple sensors (NIR, VIS, and metal)
Negative purity improved by 1-5% depending on the flows