Success Story: PicenAmbiente S.p.A


Success story at PicenAmbiente S.p.A: New automated sorting lines

Sorting centre Picenambiente

PicenAmbiente S.p.A. is a mixed public-private partnership company that is the concessionaire for the public service of integrated municipal and similar waste management for 29 municipalities.

The company benefited from the new MISE National Transition Plan 4.0 voted in 2021 to invest in the modernization of its plant. This plan provides subsidies for any company that wants to move through a technological transition with a key emphasis on environmental sustainability and 4.0 industry tools.

Machine Pellenc ST in the sorting centre Picenambiente

The intelligent sorting machine of Pellenc ST, the Mistral+ CONNECT, met all criteria of the Plan, that’s why the French supplier was selected to equip both sorting lines of the MRF with the cooperation of the integrator Coparm.

In all, 4 Mistral+ CONNECT are in operation to recover fibers:

  • paper
  • cardboard

and different polymer fractions:

  • PET
  • PE
  • PP
  • PS

The main advantage for Picenambiente S.p.A is the increase of sorting capacity while maintaining the same sorting quality.

Finally, optical sorters are equipped with the Smart&Share. This application provides access to critical operational data (machine status, stream composition, throughput, etc.) Scanners continuously analyze these data to improve the sorting quality and operators benefit from customized intelligent alerts to optimize preventive maintenance and equipment availability rate.

Team Picenambiene

“Nowadays, data analysis is key in monitoring the sorting line and ensuring industrial performance”,
De Luca Giordano, Plant Manager.

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