Waste wood sorting

Mistral+ CONNECT

for C&I Sorting Applications

Wood waste producers and waste holders have to meet new wood sorting requirements for material recovery and reduced environment impact.

Pellenc ST supports your wood sorting projects with Mistral+ CONNECT.

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Non processed wood sorting

Wood A
Non-processed wood

Processed wood sorting

Wood B
Processed wood

The objective is to perform a high quality separation of class A wood (untreated, unpainted wood from, for example, pallets, crates, boards, etc.) and class B wood (treated wood from, for example, furniture, demolition wood, rubble, etc.) to obtain a pure natural wood output stream. This way, the sorted wood can be recycled for the manufacturing of panels, paper pulp, composting, animal bedding …

The application for separating Wood A from Wood B is available as standard on Mistral+ Connect, the latest optical sorting equipment by using NIR VIS spectroscopywithout the use of additional technology.

Thanks to the combination of the FLOW detection chain and the new CNS classification algorithm, the Mistral+ Connect is able to separate wood A from wood B.

Mistral+ CONNECT : Advanced Multi-Material Sorting Pellenc ST

The FLOW detection has been designed with specific wavelengths to be able to detect paint coated wood but also to be able to separate white melamine coated wood panels or MDF using color detection.

Depending on the contamination level,you can extract the black wood by adding the “Profile Detection” and metals with “Metal Sensor” option.

  • New multi-stream spectrometer
  • Focused light for a more accurate signal
  • Complete coverage of NIR/VIS spectra with a unique spectrometer
  • Optimised Electronic for a better signal/noise ratio

For sorting wood A, wood B, the Mistral+ Connect can be equipped with a Super Power nozzle bar to eject large wood pieces. 
If the stream is also composed of other contaminants such as inerts, glass or metals, it is possible to prepare the stream with an X-ray machine, the Xpert, also available in the Pellenc ST product catalog. 


The new electronic and software platform,
designed to integrate future sensors and technologies

Profile Detection

Detection of black and inert objects. Sensor available as retrofit on the Mistral+.

Through close relationship with our Pellenc ST is continually developing new sorting applications to meet the changing markets demands. 

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