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Central Nervous System: the answer to our clients' need for machine upgradability

Our clients’ main challenge is securing their investment against obsolescence in the context of rapidly changing regulations impacting quality and sorting requirements.

By launching CNS (Central Nervous System), Pellenc ST is reinforcing the upgradability of the Mistral+, which is enormously appreciated by our clients.

This new electronics and software platform is designed to integrate future sensors and technologies. This innovative sorting engine enables our clients to keep their sorting performance up to date with the latest developments.

Besides, CNS features new materials classification software called “Advanced Classification.” This new technology makes it possible to separate more complex materials, such as PET bottles and trays or paper and cardboard.

CNS also offers the possibility to integrate the Profile Detection option, a new sensor for detecting carbon blacks and inert materials. Further details are available here.

Key points


Available as an upgrade, or as standard on the new Mistral+

Advanced classification

Latest generation sorting engine incorporating Advanced Classification


Improved sorting performance:

  • Bottles/trays
  • PET colour sorting
  • Paper/cardboard


OPC/UA compatible
ISO 27001 certified