The new Compact high-performance ​sorter with ​optimized ergonomics ​

Enhanced performance: equipped with our advanced FLOW Detection spectrometer for higher material recovery and foreign material removal.

Future proof design with CNS platform, upgrade your sorter with a wide range of options or future sensors (AI, Digital Watermarks…).

Eased maintenance & equipment availability: new pivoting  reflectors, a large display and sensitivity sliders offer optimized ergonomics.

Eased integration: adapted to restricted environments with modular assembly and remote electrical cabinet options.

Key points

Improved performance

  • New FLOW detection​
  • CNS platform for sensor upgradability​
  • High-capacity sorting​

Retrofit option

  • Modular assembly
  • Conveyor or gantry mounting
  • Movable electrical cabinet

Improved ergonomics

  • Large screen
  • Pivoting reflectors
  • Sensitivity Selector