CNS BRAIN: for PE Cartridges/PE Sprays sorting

Pellenc ST reinforces the performance of infrared spectrometry with Artificial Intelligence, to address certain use cases.

This option is called CNS BRAIN, it’s an addon compatible with our new Mistral+ CONNECT or COMPACT+ as well as existing Mistral+ machine. 

CNS BRAIN is the new state-of-the-art technology combining the most accurate NIR/VIS signal of the market (Pellenc ST patented) with Artificial Intelligence, to increase sorting performance, particularly for detecting silicone cartridges or PE sprays. 

This innovation requires no further maintenance or remote data storage for low operational costs. 

Available as an option on new machines or as an upgrade on Mistral+ CONNECT or COMPACT+. 

Key points

the Most efficient solution on pe

  • New detection sensor based on the unique FLOW spectrometer
  • Combined with AI processing

easy & fast
to implement

  • No additional hardware
  • In-house software
  • Recipes ready before commissioning


  • No further maintenance required
  • No remote data storage required


  • Ergonomic user software
  • Smart&Share