YouTube_logo_2013Mistral+versionbleuMistral+ is the result of a 4-year development involving over 30 engineers from Pellenc ST. Extensive feedback coming from our clients, our customer service team and our employees has been taken into account to design this piece of equipment.

The Mistral+ is built on the experience of over 1,200 Mistral machines installed all over the world, over the past 15 years. In addition, significant investments have been made to ensure the qualification of each component and subsystem: over 10 endurance testing sessions. Thousands of hours of field and lab testing were carried out to ensure the best reliability and performance. Most of our output box and conveyor are supplied by the NetCo Company.

Several patents are pending to protect our innovation. The entire company stands behind this project and will continue to work hard to make it the best optical sorting machine available on the market.


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Mistral+ :


Introducing 2G for the Mistral

One scanner for NIR and VIS; stable data acquisition; robust computer architecture; Modular software architecture. Signal combination and multi-channel management; multitasking; computer optimization; top scanner performance.

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Introducing the Trium

produit-machine-trium-1Powerful combination of NIR spectrometry, Visible spectrometry, and Inductive sensing

The Mistral Trium combines three technologies: NIR Spectrometry, Visible Spectrometry, Inductive Sensing.  This powerful combination machine has a high detection sensitivity of metal backed with the quality of resolution and detectability of materials and colors of the renowned Pellenc ST Mistral Machine.

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What can it sort : Metals, E-waste and more.


image2The benefits of the Mistral Trium include:

  • High Sensitivity
  • Able to detect metal down to 1.5mm
  • Unique combination of 3 technologies
  • Enhanced software
  • Performance monitoring

Mistral+ Film

The only optical sorting solution for plastic films at both the MRF and Recycling stages. This patented designed spectrometer along with the Turbosorter achieves performances with plastic films that are unmatched with traditional methods on the market.


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Stat Pack

Stat Pack is a software pack that can be added to your Mistral machine to analyze your stream and provide you with key information that will help you maximize your profits and to control your throughput and production for each sorting line you have.  Stat Pack allows your Mistral machine to sort, analyse, and to communicate valuable information about your stream.

 Four packages to choose from with Stat Pack :

Stream indicator : Throughput; composition; characteristics of the material

Moisture indicator : Humidity analysis and overall stream humidity level

Energy indicator : Energy analysis indicators and calorific value of stream

Contaminant indicator : Contaminant analysis indicators such as chlorine

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Mistral QC Machine

The new Mistral QC machine is designed to analyse your stream to give you better control of what comes into your waste or recycling center, how well your equipment is performing on site, and how pure the final product is leaving your center.QC  The Mistral QC machine gives you all the functions of Stat Pack built directly into a Pellenc ST Mistral machine.  The information available from the QC machine is directly accessible by MODBUS TCP/IP and a multiscreen graphical tool called Stat Pack viewer.



Technologies : XRT Xray-transmision

XPERTThe Xpert machine is based on Xray Transmission technology that uses a dual energy sensor to avoid any thickness issues in detecting the materials. The primary uses of the Xpert machine are for sorting plastics with halogens, light versus dense metals, and organic streams.

What can it sort : Plastics, Metals, Organic, Inert

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The Pemax tool is a portable electric shear used to facilitate the cutting of materials in the retail, recycling, aeornautics, plastics, automobile, and other industries.produit-pemax-5produit-pemax-7

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